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Baptism Videos

'Going public with your faith'

Below are a series of short videos from our latest Baptism Services - where a number of people decided to go public with their faith in Jesus Christ and be baptised. We hope you will enjoy watching!

Andrew Jeffers

Alex Huey

Aaron Gilkinson

Ben Hanna

Rebecca Wilson

Adam Doherty

Kobby Gboloo-Teye

Richard Gilmore

Laura Fong

Daniel Gboloo-Teye

Mercy Gboloo-Teye

Andrew McDowell

Nicola Brown

Julie McMurray

Mat Thampi

Joe Hutchinson

Emma Moore

Sarah Johnston

Rachel Rowney

Daniel Moore

David Scott

Charlotte Moore

Molly Brown

Hannah McKeown

Vicky Eweg

Stephen Johnston

Julie Crowe

Alan Crowe

Holly Pierce

Stephen Pierce

Zara Mullan

Ashleigh Maginnes

Simon Ballentine

Amy Warke

Amy Darragh

Daniel Johnston

Joshua Hall

Luke Marshall

Kathryn Spence

Mark Spence

Ben McMullan

Tim McGlinchey

Jan Smit

Liz Smit

Sara McKeown

Michael Sommers

Chris Speers

Louise Heywood

Steven Alexander

Natalie Johnston

Ben Johnston

Elliot Hall

Emma Rowney

Jonathan Warke

Katie Johnston

Rachel Johnston

Shannon Dunlop