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Cadogan Fire Station (Crown Jesus Ministries)

Through Fire Fighters for Christ NI we have 'adopted' our local Fire Station.
Firefighting for many years has been a community based organization. The people who fight fires in your community usually live, work, shop and even go to church in your community. Firefighters throughout the Northern Ireland give 24hrs 365 days cover to protect life and property and in many cases put their own life at risk to do so.
Firefighters for Christ are working with Crown Jesus Ministries on a special project called 'Adopt a Fire Station'.
We had recently taken this on and adopted Cadogan Fire Station on the Lisburn Road. This involves, developing links and relationships with our local Firefighters, making them aware that we are there for them in a practical and spiritual capacity.
We hope to develop this relationship over the coming years.
About Firefighters For Christ
In the UK started it in February 1998 at a breakfast meeting in Belfast. It was birthed from the long standing Fire Services Christian Fellowship. In 2009 we became part of Firefighters For Christ International at their International Conference in Hume lake, California.
Its vision is to reach firefighters worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of them. Matthew 28:19-20 and to encourage firefighters to live their lives for Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25. We are employees of the Fire and Rescue Service who see the importance of meeting together on a regular basis to encourage each other to live our lives for Jesus Christ. This in itself takes many forms, from organised meetings to casual coffee after work, taking every opportunity to invest in each other wherever and whenever we can.
About Crown Jesus Ministries
In May 1999 the journey began. One that saw the formation of a new and exciting ministry that would reach people in Ireland with the good news of Jesus Christ. Evangelists Philip Kerr and Keith Mitchell (Mitch) lead an ever-growing team that seeks to fan the flame of revival. Crown Jesus has a passionate desire to see revival in Ireland and has already reached thousands of people across this land with the gospel. With determination and infectious enthusiasm the team works out its vision, serving God and enabling the Church to break fresh ground in reaching the lost through wide-ranging and creative projects.
Daniel's Story

Daniel's Story

"Windsor was the first church I was introduced to when I first arrived in Belfast from Ghana and we’ve made some really close friends here. The focus on the family has been a blessing from our children’s early years to their teens. Now they’re enjoying the benefits of an innovative youth ministry while the Sunday teaching encourages us and helps us in our daily walks and struggles as Christians."