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"It's in the story of God that we discover the character of God."

The Bible is central to everything we are and do at Windsor.

We believe one of the primary ways God speaks to us is through His Word, the Bible and so we spend 25-35 minutes at each of our Sunday gatherings exploring it together and discovering how it can transform and inform our everyday choices.

The teaching is normally broken down into series which run over 3-4 weeks or over several months, usually with a series in the morning and a separate series at night.

There are pew Bibles available but people can bring their own Bible or use a Bible App on their phone if they prefer a particular translation.

It's our prayer that as we explore God's Word together from week to week that we allow God to transform us into a new people by changing the way we think. 


If you would like more information on the teaching in Windsor, please contact David.

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story

"I love going to Junior Church to learn about God. It’s really exciting to find out about him because he can do everything. We get to see our friends, read Bible stories and sing songs. My favourite song is ‘The Rainbow Song’. The leaders are really kind and fun."