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East Belfast #2

Group Leaders: Gordon & Janet Darragh

Our ages and situations range from a grandmother with a wealth of missionary experience, to younger singles and couples who are working out their faith in business, education, homes and hospitals. Work and family demands mean that attendance is intermittent for some.

We aim to learn from each other and encourage as much participation as possible. This applies to our time together studying the Bible and between gatherings as we try to pray for each other.

A typical evening includes a gradual start (i.e. rarely too punctual) on an agreed Bible study theme. Recently we completed a 6-week series called “Living on your frontline” and we often discuss how to apply a recent Sunday sermon. After an hour we pray for church needs and each other. Food tends to play an important part at the end and conversations over supper can deal with everything from fashion to football. The group love getting together and have appreciated welcoming new people in the past year.

Times: Wednesday (2nd & last), 8-10pm

Size: 10 - 12 people

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Phil and Jude's Story

Phil and Jude's Story

"Belonging to a local church, in our community, was very important to us. After getting married we tried Windsor and stuck around because we really benefit from the teaching and the value placed on both the roles of men and women. Also helping us settle in have been lots of other young couples sharing their lives with us and making us feel part of the family."