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A Rule of Life During Lockdown Summary

‘We crave balance, we need rhythm’1 – this was one of the phrases we used and thought about during our series,’Rhythm & Rules’, which was about the idea of creating and living to a Rule of Life.

In our current context – where daily habits, rhythms and schedules have been disrupted by Covid-19 – where self-isolation, social-distancing, working from home, home-schooling, lockdown etc have become the new norm, this practice may be even more important and relevant than ever.

In this summary article I want to recommend that we strongly consider crafting a Rule of Life/Daily Rule, that informs and helps us frame our day to day schedules, around practices and rhythms that feed, fuel and restore our whole lives.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Rule of Life, read this summary, read the full article and consider listening (again) to the first talk I shared to introduce ‘Rhythm & Rules’ 

(I want to thank Stu Bothwell of Lagan Valley Vineyard Church, who has given me permission to use/adapt his article on this subject).

Take time to consider the following seven areas of practice, thinking through and writing down certain practices that you might want to pursue daily.

Everyone’s circumstances and home lives look different, so enjoy the freedom of crafting your own Daily Rule.

It’s important to get specific around your practices and their timings.

This framework is simply a tool, and if there is a more helpful way for you to arrange and process your daily schedule, please feel free to run with it.

Any Rule of Life should bend. It is flexible and should be full of grace. Filling in every single box of the grid isn’t the point, either. Your Daily Rule should be realistic within the context of your life as we adapt to Covid-19.

Take your time to do this exercise prayerfully, and in the full article, you will find example practices for the following seven areas of practice;


To enjoy a healthy and sustainable rhythm of life, we need to learn how to rest.



We must pay attention to our health and well-being.



We must stay informed, but we also need to limit content that is distracting us away from setting our attention on Jesus.



This central area takes into consideration spiritual practices/disciplines/holy habits.



This area considers our ways of working and giving.



How can we invest in others?



As we partner with Jesus to become more like Him, we also partner with Him to see His Kingdom come.

Read the full article, which also includes recommended resources for further reading, and enjoy mapping out your own Daily Rule.

1 Spiritual Rhythm, Mark Buchannan, pg 198

David Dunlop

David Dunlop

David Dunlop