PARENTS EVENT – A Mind Of Their Own (by Care for the Family)

PARENTS EVENT – A Mind Of Their Own (by Care for the Family)

If you’re a dad, mum, grandparent or anyone wanting to help children build strong emotional wellbeing, join us for this popular event.
About this event

Anxiety levels and struggles with mental health are on the rise in children and young people, and as mums and dads, this can feel overwhelming … even at times debilitating. But there’s good news! You, as parents, have incredible power to help your children build strong emotional resilience and a healthy mental wellbeing.
A Mind of Their Own is packed with practical and preventative tools for you to use at home, helping you to better understand what’s going on in your child’s head. Together with Katharine Hill and Mark Chester, we’ll explore the science of the mind, and why children act and react the way they do.
Featuring interviews with mental-health professionals, Dr Rob Waller and Dr Kate Middleton, this event will expand your understanding of the unique pressures and opportunities facing young people today, so you can help your child develop an emotional resiliency that lasts.

A Mind of Their Own


30 Nov 2022


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Windsor Baptist Church