Hello! Welcome to Windsor – we’re so glad you’ve connected with us. This page is designed to help walk you through registering, giving consent and selecting your email preferences.

We use Planning Center Online to help manage our data and Mailchimp to
help communicate via email.

Please follow the steps below:

Register your household

Register yourself (as primary contact) & your household – this will create a profile for your household on Planning Center Online. Once you register, please download the ‘Church Center’ App to manage your profile and access other resources.


If there are other adults (anyone over 18) within your household, they must give their own ‘expressed GDPR consent’ in order for us to hold their personal data. Click here to do this.

Email Preferences

Finally, sign up to receive email updates and let us know which updates you would like to receive.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask someone on team or get in touch –

Don’t forget to download the ‘Church Center’ App allowing you to access our
calendar, manage your data, register for events & much more.