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7 Rhythms | Seven Steps to Thrive and Flourish

We set off on this short series with an acknowledgement, that right now, in lockdown, we aren’t always thriving and flourishing. Our lives lack structure and our walk with God is meandering. To combat this, to protect against the enemy’s attacks, to use lockdown to grow deeper in our relationship with God, we have suggested 7 Rhythms to practice every day.

1 • Start Well

Start each day in the same way, at the same time (which probably means a similar bed time each day). Start by talking to God and reading His Word before anything digital, like Instagram, the news, or Spotify. Simply start the day in quiet with God.

Allow God’s voice to set the tone for your day.

2 • Gratitude

Invest a few minutes of your day by focusing on the things you are grateful for. Challenge yourself to find at least 3 unique things each day. Perhaps write them down each morning, share with your family around the dinner table or friends / small group via social media.

Gratitude changes our attitude.

3 • Move

If at all possible, while maintaining proper social distancing, get outside – exercise or go for a walk through your neighbourhood. Breathe deeply. There is a deep connection between our body and mind.

A change of place & pace brings about a new perspective.

4 • Create

Engage yourself in an activity that requires your full attention (don’t allow yourself to become distracted by outside concerns). Be wonderfully inventive – create, read, draw, paint, make music, learn, garden, cook/bake, play chess, etc

Enjoy the freedom this brings.

5 • Relate

Establish a relational touch point with a close friend, family member, or someone from our church family. This is a time to draw closer in relationships, through the benefit of technology, not grow more distant.

Be relationally close.

6 • Limit

Create boundaries for yourself when it comes to your intake of things like the news, social media, technology, sugar, staying up late, etc. Limit their influence over your day, it’s likely no-one else will. Avoid indulging in escapist behaviours.

Boundaries help us flourish.

7 • Rest

Keep your routine to practice Sabbath – 24 hours every week that is set aside as special. Make it different from the other 6 days. A time to rest in God, to fix our eyes on Jesus. Gather with us online every Sunday as we worship together as family, learn from God’s Word, and create space for the Spirit to work in our lives.

Practice this life-giving rhythm.

Over to you…

These rhythms are simple, small steps that can have a big impact on your life in lockdown, and after lockdown. Use the time that you have been afforded to deepen your relationship with God and live your life for Jesus. It is our hope and desire that you will be able to put each of these rhythms into practice this coming week.

These rhythms will bring us and keep us relationally close with God and with others, that we might thrive and flourish.

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston