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7 Rhythms | Where to Start to Start Well?

The first of our 7 Rhythms is Start Well and to start well we’ve got to start the day by hearing God’s voice and reading His Word. But how do we know where to start, to start well? These are just a few suggestions of where you can start making reading the bible a key rhythm of your life! 

Just Pick a Book

Reading the bible doesn’t have to be hard! It’s written in a way that it’s super engaging and relevant to you. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a plan and someone writing alongside to help you understand and apply what the passage is saying, but not having that shouldn’t be an obstacle. You can just pick a book and go for it! Even better, grab a pen and use the Swedish bible study method which I’m sure you know all about by now!

Some great books to start in are: 
Ephesians – it’s just six great chapters. A chapter a day and you’ll be done in no time.
Mark – Follow the life of Jesus. You’ll be hooked! 
Daniel – It’s packed with wisdom and an example of faithful living. An Old Testament page turner.


If you were at the last Walk Wisely weekend, you would have received Engage bible reading notes. These are a really great resource for you to read and understand the bible for yourself. If you didn’t get through it, why not dig that out? And if you finished it, well that was number 18, so maybe number 19 might be for you; find it here. It even comes as an ebook, so you can save a tree AND start today!  


I would imagine most, if not all, of you have the YouVersion bible app downloaded. With it comes thousands of plans and devotional content to guide you through reading the bible. You can pick a topic or book that stands out to you and it will track your progress. Use it and get a streak going!

She/He Reads Truth

Find these resources online or download the app. You’ll find reading plans, devotions, daily videos and options to order loads of great study books. Guys you’ll find resources for you here, and girls, these are for you!

Hidden Word 

Last year some of you took on Open Doors ‘Hidden Word’ reading challenge. It’s a creative resource  to help us not just read, but to memorise scripture. Open Doors are working to support and encourage persecuted christians across the world who don’t have free access to the bible. They have to memorise it and this should inspire us to do the same, so that our bible isn’t just on our phone, but in our hearts. You can order the resource pack here

So what are you waiting for?

These are just a few suggestions. If something else works for you, great! Just get started reading something! We always recommend using a real paper bible, having a pen and highlighter close by (don’t be afraid to scribble on your bible) and finding a quiet place where you do your quiet time every day. 

Let’s allow God’s voice to set the tone for our day, so that we start well!

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston